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whenisitmyturn's Journal

I love everyone, and that is no exaggeration.
I believe in being radically geniune. I say what I feel and act how I am.

I believe that love penetrates borders, tears down walls, and shines through even the darkest of nights.

My friends are my world. And I admire them all more than they probably realize.

I am a quote junkie. I am obsessed with musical theatre. I get to know other people almost as quickly as I memorize song lyrics.

I like to sing, act, dance, play, cuddle, give and receive hugs, travel, see plays and musicals, get to know others, watch things I've never seen, blast the radio in the car, drive, download music, laugh, make people laugh, do others' hair and makeup, tweet, buy clothes, help others pick out clothes, give advice, create art in many forms, cook, eat, sleep, make people smile, text, stage manage, look at pictures, blog, accessorize, hula hoop, swim, connect.. among other things.
I am too many flavors for one spoon.

"Thomas Edison’s last words were:
‘It’s very beautiful over there.’
I don’t know where there is,
but i believe it’s somewhere,
and I hope it’s beautiful."
-John Green, Looking for Alaska